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Kis Østergaard (born 1963)” is the Mananger of The Danish word for potentials is “resurse” or ressource ( as in English).

Kis has been working as a teacher since 1986. She has been a teacher for both pubils and students in the ordinary school system as well as in schools for children and young ones with dissabilities or special needs.

Kis´ focus has always been on the universal schools. All children have the right to be a part of the community. Co -education, where all potentials, competences and qualifications are valued and appreciated. It must be valuable to the human being and for the society.

Axel Honnet and D.W Winnicott said ; the individual can not develop a personal identity without acknowlegde. Our identity is depended on acknowlegde, to be seen to be able to ask the question : who am I ? The succecfully meeting with the society is a persons conditions for the ontological security. Everyone can see themselves as egual.

The society must be able to integrate its citizens dissimilarities. Citizens who are acknowleged, will be able to take part in the society.

Kis´ basic values are founded in the schools leaders and teachers ( the staffs in schools)) responsibilities as professionals, for the outcomming of the students educations.

The Consultant

Kis has been school leader for about 6 years. Later on she worked as pedagogical og psychological consultant. Kis has developed education for teachers and leaders.

The Author

This journey to Canada , Toronto, inspired Kis to write the book and develop futher material to Neuroeducation ; Resurseplanen- resursen til den Reflekterende Praktiker (The Ressourceplan- the re´sourse to the reflecting practician). Theory founded in Vigotskij, Luria, Piaget and Bloom.

At the moment she is also writing a book about leadership ; “Can you hear, what I´m thinking” ; the awareness in leadership, starts with yourself.

The Leader

She has af PD i Leadership completed with Pedagogical and Psychological Intervention.

The Neuroeducation Consultant

Kis has been practicing Neuroeducation for the last 14 years . She educates teachers and pedagogical staff in neuroeducation . She has developed an eduation for pedagogical staff, to comply the staffs qualifications with futher knowleged about how to eluminate childrens potentials ; an expert at anything, was once a beginner.

Kis is screening children as well as young ones and grown ups with dissabilities.

Mediated Learning Experience

Kis has been visiting Dr Andrew Richards , Exeter University in 2005 and was supervised by Judith Silver in Mediated Learning Experience. Kis has qualified her Neuroeducational practice with experiences from that visit.

As a supplement to MLE , Kis was responsible for a project, 3 years, in Ministry for socialaffairs ; ” The Familiy as an important “fellow player” in schools”.

The Psychotherapist and Supervisor

Kis is certified and examinated Psychotherapist in Narrativ and Systemic therapy and Imago related couple therapy( 4 years). Kis is working with private people, children , young ones, couples, families, and also leaders how want coaching processes.

Kis is a supervisor for foster parents and is teaching those families about children with special needs and about children with diagnoses. Kis teaches in Winnicotts theories about childrens attachments /connections.

Kis is also a supervisor for teachers.